Repair & Maintenance

We specialises in Commercial Vehicle Servicing & Repair, vehicles like Toyota Dyna, Nissan Cabstar, HiAce, LiteAce Etc. Together with our crew of experienced mechanics & advance equipment, we are confident of dealing with any problems that your vehicle is giving you.

Pre Vehicle Inspection Service

Meeting the Standards of required Periodic Vehicle Inspection.
  • Wiring Check
  • Alignment Check
  • Brakes Check
Additional Services *if Required
  • Send Vehicle to Inspection Centre
  • Service & Adjust Brakes
  • Adjust Alignment
  • Wiring & Bulb(s) Replacement
  • Others

Basic Servicing

Recommended Service Interval of 06 months or 10,000km, whichever occurs earlier.
  • Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
Additional Replacement Parts *if Required
  • Air Filter
  • Aircon Filter

Engine Overhaul

Knocking Sound, Excessive Smoke, Burns Oil Quickly, Loses Compression, Excessive Fuel Use, Sludge In Oil are indications of a need for Engine Overhaul.
  • Top Cylinder Overhaul
  • Full Overhaul

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

Poor Fuel Economy, Engine Related Failure, Frequent Regenerations, Excessive Engine Back Pressure are indications of a clogged DPF.
  • DPF Forced Regeneration
  • DPF Chemical Flushing

Spray Painting & Panel Beating

Reinstate any dents, scratches or damages to its original condition.
  • Panel Beating
  • Spray Painting

All Other General Repair

We deal with all other repairs not listed in this page.
  • All Other Repair

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