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Got Into A Motor Accident?

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Step 1:

At The Accident Site (Injuries Involved)

Call for ambulance IF there are injured victims. Do NOT move the vehicles while waiting for help.

Step 2:

Obtain the following details with the other party, witnesses etc.:

1. Name


3. Contact Details

4. Insurer Detail

Step 3:

Gather Photo Evidence of all vehicle damages, with Licence Plate seen if possible. Also take photos of the vehicle with surroundings, traffic lights, lane marking etc. Take note of the date, time, location of accident, weather & road conditions. You may also wish to retrieve video footage from your dashboard camera if any.

Step 4:

After Accident Site (Injuries Involved)

File a police report immediately with as much details as possible. *Note that if you are given a MC for 3 days & above due to this accident, this step is mandatory.

Step 5:

Report accident to your Insurer, within the Next Working Day.

*Accident Reporting Completed*

After reporting, insurer will begin to investigate. Complicated process such as inspecting vehicle damages from the other party, liabilities etc will arise. Repair works can only start after all Pre-repair inspection is done. You may wish to authorize reputable automotive workshop to handle this complicated process on your behalf. Here at Hui Wang Enterprise Pte Ltd, we ensure that each step of the process is done correctly & promptly and that clients' vehicle are being repaired with quality.

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